Bala krishna’s heated argument with the police

Bala krishnaTollywood Star hero Nandamuri Bala krishna is famous for his long length heated dialogues in his flicks.But now he seem to be bringing out his reel talent into the real life. Bala krishna’s critics are exampling his recent outburst in Mahanadu arena as the example it.

Going into the details, While attending TDP’s Mahanadu, Bala krishna refused to park his vehicle in the VIP parking space. He was seen all fired up when police asked him to park his car in allotted place.

The police tried to reason him saying that it will be easier for the party activists to enter the arena if he park his car at the VIP parking.

Enraged by this, the actor went all guns blazing against the police. Near by people inform us that obscene language was used plenty.

According to the reports, he argued with the police that he is MLA of Hindupuram and that how dare them to stop him. He drove his car all the way to the main gate and parked there against the police advice.