Sisters were killed by the lover

Sisters were killed by the lover

Kothapet: Another sadist love murder, only this time its twin murders. The village of Kothapet became the witness to a horror, in which two sisters were brutally murdered.

Going into the details, Two young girls were murdered by of the lover of the younger one. According to the reports, the accused initially tried to kill the younger sister who refused to love him back but ended up stabbing the elder sister too.

Police told us that the joint homicides were committed Mohan nagar, Kothapet on Tuesday morning. The accused stabbed the sisters while no one was present at the home. The elder sister was stabbed repeatedly while she tried to stop the maniac from attacking her younger sister.

twin murder

The locals told us that the accused was after the younger sister for the past couple of years, trying to woo her. Unable to drag to issue any longer he tried to confront the younger sister with a proposal (which she immediately rejected). The alleged culprit, took the rejection badly which threw him off the balance to commit the horror.

The neighbors rushed on to the spot as soon as they heard the screams and tried to move the to the hospital, but to no avail as the sisters were declared dead by the time they reached the hospital.