SSC pass percentage down by 8 in Telangana

Hyderabad: SSC results were announced and Telangana pass percentage dropped nearly 8 per cent in the region compared to the previous years. Shockingly only 63 percent of students in Government schools cleared the exams while 82 per cent of students studying in private schools passed.

TelanagnaEven Deputy Chief Minister Kadiam Srihari agreed to the fact that the results were poorer this year. About 1,387 out of the total 5.13 lakh students who wrote the exam scored a 10 GPA. About 158 of them were from Sri Chaitanya Schools, making it the highest tally from one institution. As many as 448 students of the institution scored 9.8 GPA and 1297 students scored a GPA above 9.5.

According to the records,the 10 districts of Telangana registered a cumulative pass percentage 85. However, a drop of nearly 8 per cent was observed resulting in only 77.56 pass percentage.

“This time the important issue was that we contained malpractices in exams. And there was no scope for rote learning. Students had to think and apply their minds while writing the exam,” Mr Srihari said. Private schools performed better than Govt schools, however they also suffered some decline.