US Doctors Show Interest In Separating Conjoined Twins Veena, Vani

Hyderabad: As the surgery of conjoined twins Veena and Vani is juggling between state government has it has not taken decision whether to go ahead with the surgery or not. Meanwhile, three USA based experts have shown interest to examine the option of surgery. Former Director of Paediatric neurosurgery at Johns Hopkis Hospital in Marylanad has shown keen interest to operate conjoined twins.

US Doctors Show Interest In Separating Conjoined Twins Veena And Vani

Pastor Emmaneul Nakka representing the Adventist Church Media Centre based in Pune said that Carson would be visiting in September to attend series of events and if things fall in place with the Telangana government, he will make a visit to Hyderabad. Doctor Ben Carson is a known face among the medical fraternity, who along with his extensive team separated 11-month-old conjoined twins – Joseph Banda and Luka Banda. The operation lasted for 22-hours which was done in 1997.
On the other hand, two New York based doctors -Dr Goodrich and Dr Staffenberg- have also come forward to take up the case of conjoined twins. Earlier doctors from AIIMS where ready to operate the twins but dint show 100 percent guarantee for twins survival after surgery.
Born in 2003 with their heads conjoined, Veena and Vani continue to stay in the Niloufer hospital.


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