Airtel Set To Launch Pan India MNP From July 3


Finally, the dream of pan India Mobile Number Portability is seeing some light as telecom major Bharti Airtel has confirmed that the network is set to launch pan India MNP service starting tomorrow. This has given a huge sigh of relief to many customers across the country who are awaiting for this rollout since May.

Earlier, the government set a deadline of May 3, but due to technical difficulties, the date was however postponed further by two months, as many telecom operators sought more time for complete implementation.

With Pan-India MNP in implementation, customers across India can easily shift to another network within the state our outside their state keeping the number same.

“With our complete readiness to launch national mobile number portability, we aim to empower customers enabling them to retain this identity as they move across anywhere in the country. To facilitate a seamless transition, we will also allow our customers to enjoy free incoming on roaming while their number portability request is being processed,” Bharti Airtel Director (Market Operations) Ajai Puri said.