Housing.com Hacked Just A Week After Rahul Yadav’s Exit


So just days after Housing.com CEO Rahul Yadav was sacked from the company, the leading real estate portal has been hacked by anonymous users. The home page was replaced by another page that read “#rahulyadav #housingdown.

This happens to be the first Monday post Rahul Yadav’s exit from the company and looks like the company is already facing the heat for firing Yadav.

Housing.com hacked

The page also added “Yes! We will solve real estate, but 10x better with ‘The Chief Architect.” Here the term Chief Architect was used as a reference to Rahul Yadav.

Housing.com website went live after a concise disruption but it was again hacked and brought down and is currently showing the same hacked home page.

Rahul Yadav, Ex-CEO, Housing.com
Rahul Yadav, Ex-CEO, Housing.com

The hacked home page also has a mathematical equation that summarizes what ‘x’ in ‘10x’ stands for.

It is less than a week that Rahul Yadav was fired from the company, for his ill behaviour towards the company board members and the investors.


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