Two-Storey Villa Built In 3 Hours Using 3D Technology


Today, almost everything around you is the result of the ever growing technology. The last few years have seen a tremendous growth in terms of technology and the resulted gadgets prove the technological advancement.

One such technology is the 3D printing technology. Now, don’t undermine this technology by just confining it to small level 3D printing as a recent report states that a two-storey villa was built by means of 3D technology in less than 3 hours.

3D Technology Villa1

A Chinese company named ZhuoDa, made use of this technology and reportedly built a villa in just 3 hours. The 3D-printed villa standing tall in Xian – China, is also fireproof and has the capability to withstand an earthquake with a magnitude of 9. Each heat-insulating module material weighs over 100 kilograms per square meter, bear weight independently.

3D Technology Villa2

The Zhuoda Group has already filed over 22 patents on their technology which is sourced from industrial and agricultural waste. The Zhuoda Company claims that the materials are free from harmful substances such as formaldehyde, ammonia, and radon.