Xiaomi Mi Band: World’s Second Most Shipped Wearable Device

Xiaomi Mi Band: This year, we have seen many new phone makers foraying into the market like OnePlus, Huawei, Micromax Yu among others. But if there was one brand that stole the limelight from everyone, it was Xiaomi. Ever since Xiaomi launched its phones, it has always been on the radar of all the tech savvy guys who just couldn’t get enough of its products.

Almost all of Xiaomi’s products are a hit, be it Mi 3, Redmi, or even the recently launched Mi Band. It wouldn’t be surprising to know that Xiaomi’s Mi Band is the second most shipped wearable device in the world. Its competitive price that provides almost every feature that other fit bands provide at a lesser cost, makes it even more attractive to buy.

One of the reports says “The product hit the market last August in mainland China, and since then has spread to India, Indonesia, Malaysia, Singapore, Hong Kong, and Taiwan. On Monday, it finally hit US and European shores, among the first Xiaomi products to reach the West.”

But in the midst of its success, we recently came across a news that Xiaomi’s very famous Mi Band was not actually designed by Xiaomi. It is made by another company named Huami Technologies, which is operationally and functionally different from Xiaomi which has its own CEO.

Xiaomi India has also announced an open sale of Mi Band and powerful 16000mAh Mi Power Bank starting this Tuesday. However, there is still no confirmation on the number of units that is set to go on sale.