21 Year Old Myanmar Refugee Molested In Delhi

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In Delhi, a horrific incident of gang rape was reported on the 1st of March.

According to sources, on Wednesday, a 21 year old Myanmar refugee was gang raped in Kalindi Kunj, in South Delhi. The City Police registered a case after the woman complaint about the incident on the 28th of February, Tuesday.

Mr. Rajesh Duo, the Deputy Commissioner of Delhi Police said, “We are gathering evidence and are trying to identify the suspects.”

Furthermore, the police said the victimm hails from Myanmar and is a registered refugee in India.  She lives with her 16 month old daughter and husband in a west Delhi neighbourhood.  

Getting into the details, the police said, the woman was returning after visiting a medical centre in Kalindi Kunj around 9:00 P.M., on the 22nd of February, she was abducted along with her daughter.  She was taken to an unknown place, where four men raped her turn by turn.  After four days, on the 26th of February, they left her at an unknown location, where she took help from locals and reached Kalindi Kunj.  Later, she registered a complaint with the Kalindi Kunj Police.

The police further said, “The woman and her baby are physically safe. We are speaking to her to identify the places and people involved in the alleged crime. We are checking CCTV footage for clues.”

The police booked the unidentified accused under the relevant section of the Indian Penal Code (IPC) and launched an investigation into the matter.

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