Akasa Air Brings Well Deserve Change With Crew Wearings Sneakers

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Akasa Air, a recently launched airline in India, is trending for its ‘well deserve change’. On the 15th of March, Wednesday, the airline ditched the traditional outfit and heels for crew members and unveiled the new outfit including sneakers for its crew members.

Short skirts, high heels, neatly tied hair and glowing makeup – as air hostesses walk up to passengers to assist them during their journey on flight, how many of us wonder about the discomfort they might have to bear every single day. They are expected to look a certain way, but can one not look presentable in a pair of comfortable sneakers, trousers and a loose shirt? It’s a big yes and Akasa Air has proved how!

The airline has ditched painful heels and made its crew switch to sneakers, a change that is winning hearts across the world. A photo of a cabin crew member who was wearing custom trousers, a jacket and sneakers on-board flight is now going viral on social media and netizens can’t stop praising the airline for bringing the “well-deserved change”.

The photo was shared by an Akasa Air passenger on LinkedIn who wrote, “I recently took a flight from Akasa Air and was surprised but really happy to see a well-deserved change. Attached is a picture showing how comfortable the air hostess is in her new uniform. No more killer heels to run the services. Absolute comfort and I am sure it was long pending for these humans. Congratulations Akasa Air on breaking the norms. Good luck with your operations in the aviation industry.”

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