SSC Exam Scam: Congress Party Attacks Government

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SSC Exam Scam: Congress Party Attacks Government

The Congress party attacked the Government over the recent allegations of an SSC exam scam. On Thursday, the opposition party asked why a CBI probe was not being initiated if there was nothing to hide.

Congress communications in charge Randeep Surjewala said, “Why is the (Narendra) Modi government and prime minister not ordering a CBI probe into the SSC paper leak matter? Whom is the prime minister protecting? Whom are they conspiring to save.”

Surjewala further suggested the scam may have links with the Government and hence no action is being taken. He also stressed the inconvenience lakhs of students are facing.

It has been 72 hours and thousands of students remain outside the SSC headquarters in protest. The issue began on Tuesday when thousands of students demanded justice for what they termed as mass cheating.  

On the 24th of February, the SSC Board released a notice that stated the exam held on 21st February would be re administered citing technical reasons. According to the SSC Chairman Ashim Khurana the protests were being “instigated and sponsored by two coaching institutes with vested interests.”


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