Why is Virat’s reticence to Phillauri a big issue

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Anushka Sharma’s “Phillauri” trailer released last week. While most of her co-stars and actors of Bollywood showered praises on her, the absence of Virat Kohli’s reaction on this has created quite a buzz on social media. It has been made into an issue in the absence of one. Virat Kohli, the present Captain of the Indian Cricket team has been busy with back to back matches. The skipper is presently caught up with a match with Bangladesh at the Rajiv Gandhi Stadium in the Hyderabad City.

Speaking about Virat’s reticence, a close source to the couple said, “It’s his choice whether he wants to say anything or not. Why is it an issue? It’s between them. He has shared his views with her. There are also reports about him promoting her film. Anushka has never needed anyone to support her. During “NH10” also she had her own publicity strategy in place with her brother Karnesh. A lifestyle magazine has been asking Virat and Anushka to do a cover to time with the release of her film, but they’ve both declined politely. They don’t want to use each other or their relationship to promote their work on magazine covers or social media.”

Well, the sign of a close relationship is the absence of it on social media, which Virat and Anushka have always followed by not making publicity of their personal life. Kudos and more power to the couple we say!