Telangana Finance Ministry Releases Rs 194.88 Crores For Minority Welfare: Telangana Assembly Session

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The State government has released a total of Rs 194.88 crore for minority welfare schemes in Telangana during the second quarter of the financial year 2023-24. Secretary Minority Welfare Syed Umar Jaleel released GO RT 84, providing details of the schemes.

Among the schemes, the pending scholarships, fee reimbursement, and Chief Minister’s Overseas scholarship scheme for the academic year 2022-23 will be allocated funds in the budget. For the Scheme of Training Employment for Minority Candidates, Rs 3.78 crore has been allocated, with Rs 94.7 lakh already released in the first and second phases, and Rs 1.89 crore still pending.

A budget of Rs 150 crore has been allocated for the bank-linked subsidy scheme, with Rs 37.50 crore released in each of the first and second phases and Rs 75 crore yet to be released. Similarly, out of the Rs 120 crore budget for welfare schemes implementation, Rs 30 crore has been released to the minority finance corporation, leaving Rs 60 crore to be released later. Rs 1.65 crore has been allocated for government hostels, with Rs 41.25 lakh already released and the same amount scheduled for release. Rs 1.92 lakh was released for the maintenance of minority students’ hostels.

Under the Scholarship for Minority Students, a budget of Rs 70.80 crore has been set, with Rs 17.70 crore released in the first quarter and Rs 35.40 crore yet to be released. For the fee reimbursement scheme, out of Rs 236 crore, Rs 59 crore has been released in the first quarter, and another Rs 118 crore will be released later. Rs 62.5 lakh was released for minorities’ study circle out of the Rs 2.5 crore allocated in the budget.

For the Chief Minister’s Overseas Scholarship Scheme, Rs 118 crore has been budgeted, with Rs 29.70 crore released in the second quarter and another Rs 58.79 crore scheduled for release. An amount of Rs 1 crore was released in two phases for Osmania University, with another Rs 1 crore pending. The Urdu Academy received Rs 29.25 lakh as assistance in the second quarter, with another Rs 58.5 lakh to be release.

The Telangana Waqf Board was allocated Rs 68 crore in the budget for the honorarium of imams and muezzins, with Rs 17 crore already released in two phases, and another Rs 34 crore pending. For the survey commissioner waqf, Rs 18.38 lakh has been allocated, with Rs 4.59 lakh per person released in the second quarter and another Rs 9.2 lakh yet to be released. The Centre for Education Development of Minorities (CEDM) received Rs 1 crore out of the allocated Rs 2 crore. Repair and maintenance of Makkah Masjid and Shahi Masjid were allocated Rs 2.5 crore, with Rs 62.5 lakh each released in two phases. Out of the total budget of Rs 778.90 crore for the second quarter, Rs 194.88 crore has been allocated, and another Rs 389.14 crore is yet to be released. The GO authorizes the Commissioner of Minority Welfare to release the sanctioned amount for the schemes.

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