Telangana Govt Issues Shishu Adhar For Infants In State Run Hospitals

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The K. Chandrashekar Rao led Telangana Government announced to issue of “Shishu Aadhar Cards” to newborn babies at state run hospitals.

The new initiative is aimed to make identification for infants born at the government hospitals in Telangana, easier for the Telangana Government and the Central Government.

According to sources, the medical superintendent of Golconda Area Hospital, Dr. Mohammad Mazharullah said, “The Telangana government is issuing Shishu Aadhar cards for newborn babies in Telangana.  It is being done by the Government Commission of family welfare under Chief Minister K Chandrashekar Rao and Health Minister Harish Rao.  The newborns are being enrolled for the Shishu Aadhar card.” 

In addition, Dr. Mohammad Mazharullah said, the Aadhar card and Aadhar number of the mother are mandatory for this.  If not, the father’s Aadhar card can also be used.   He said, “We issue this within 24 hours of the birth of a child.  This has been launched for the first time in Telangana.  I thank the Telangana government, CM and the Health Minister and the commissioner for family welfare.” 

The Aadhar card would be issued before the babies are born and would be done online mode, in front of their parents.   After issuing the Aadhar Card, the parents could download the card via online mode within next 15 days of application.

Furthermore, after virtual download, the Shishu Aadhar Card would be sent by the Family Welfare Department through post within the next 45 days of application.

The Shishu Aadhar has launched six months ago, as a pilot programme across Telangana.  Launched in phases, the Bharat Rashtra Samithi (BRS) Government set up 45 centres and issued 30 Shishu Aadhar Cards for infants, since November.

As of now, the Shishu Aadhar Card initiative is available only for deliveries at state run hospitals.

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