Flexi war at Vijayawada: Janasena counters YSRCP’s ‘Siddham campaign’

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Jansena, Pawan Kalyan, PSPK, YSRCP

Vijayawada: YSRCP and Janasena launched a flex banner war in the city. Janasena gave a counter to YSRCP’S Siddham campaign. Jansena leaders arranged banners in the name ‘Memu Kuda Sidham’ right adjacent to CM YS Javan’s banners.

The banners have become a hot topic in the city. Police on Tuesday afternoon removed the banners which sparked a major controversy.

Janasena state secretary Ammisetty Vasu staged a protest along with his followers and alleged that police are acting in favor of YSRCP. “YSRCP arranged banners across the city publicizing the ‘Siddham’ campaign. Police did not object to the campaign. When we launched our publicity campaign. They remove our banners,” Vasu said. 

He alleged that Police are acting in favor of YSRCP and troubling Janasena and other opposition leaders.

Police deployed a special force and tried to clear the crowd gathered at Krishna Lanka area. Janasena leaders reinstalled the banners of Pawan Kalyan removed by the police. 




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