Krishna District Police Arrest 45 Peddlers With 52 Kg Ganja

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The Krishna District Police on the 11th of July,Tuesday, arrested 45 Ganja peddlers and seized 52 KG Ganja from their possession.

On Tuesday, after the arrest, the police disclosed the details to the media at the Machilipatnam SP office.  The District Superintendent of Police (SP) P. Joshua informed that they had detained 45 ganja smugglers across the districts and invoked PD Act against four peddlers.   The police further said, they put a special vigil on ganja transporting and selling towards containing these illegal activities across the district and registered cases against the peddlers in Kruthivennu, Vuyyuru and Hanuman Junction station limits.

The SP further informed that they would take stringent action against the concerned colleges if any student is caught while consuming ganja.

In addition, the Krishna District SP P. Joshua stated so far the district police had arrested 261 persons who were involved in selling ganja in 95 cases for the past year and seized 447kg of ganja.

Furthermore, Mr. P. Joshua urged the public to give information regarding ganja selling and transporting and added that the informers’ details would be kept confidential.

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