Mission Bhagiratha and Vijayotsavam To Be Celebrated As Telangana Formation Celebration

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As a part of the Telangana Formation Day celebrations, Mission Bhagiratha and Vijayotsavam would be held across the state on Sunday, the 18th of June, Sunday.

According to the sources, Vijayotsava Sabha would be held at Rabindra Bharti at the state level. Many ministers, MLAs, MLCs, local public representatives and high officials will participate in this. The success of Mission Bhagiratha will be specially informed.

Mission Bhagiratha filter beds and water treatment plants will be visited by local public representatives, students, journalists and people from different communities in the district and constituency centres. They explain the process of water purification and the way drinking water is supplied to houses through pipes.

Referring to the dire drinking water problem in Telangana in the union state, Mission Bhagiratha will tell how the problem has been completely solved.

Sabha is held in every village. They mention the difficulties faced for fresh water in the past and the plight of Bindedu who had to fight on the streets for bottled water. Through Mission Bhagiratha, he will explain how free clean and safe water is being supplied to every house by connecting taps for free.

Mission Bhagiratha Vijayotsavam on Sundays famously describes how the problems of drinking water have been completely solved and the women are happy.

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