Actress Vishakha gives back to vulgar comments

Mumbai: Actress Vishakha Singh, who shot to fame with movie “Fukrey”, gave back to vulgar comments on the Facebook. Vishakha posted a photograph of hers on the networking site. She was seen in a white coloured T-shirt, that read: Everybody is somebody’s foreigner.

Actress Vishakha gives back to vulgar comments

She wrote, “Wearing Madversity’s cool new Tee ..looking forward to more such quotes!”

A follower had commented, “Thought is worth but position generally regard us thakri..miss.”

Vishakha responded, “Well, Vikas Singh. You look educated. Where do you think a quote on a Tshirt be? Shoulders? Arms? Stop making such juvenile comments. If you derive childish pleasure out of the fact that it’s on the chest area, then God help women and women safety issues.”

Other commented, “Nice looking and nice b****.”

Vishakha Singh

Enraged by such comment, Vishakha posted, “Mr MD Mustakim Saifi, 1) remove that innocent child’s picture as your dp. 2) have the guts to put your own profile picture . And then comment.”

“I know i am a woman.. And for your general knowledge, Yes, All women have breasts. Your mother, sister, wife, grandmother, aunts, daughter, friends. All of them included. Do you walk up to them and say ‘nice b***s’? Feel sorry for you. Have the guts to say it on my face?? Else, get off my page.”


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