AIB now roasts the world cricket and IPL!!


AIB has done it again!! We said it so many times in the recent past, we eventually lost the count . AIB known for their infamous #Roast are creating sensations in the YouTube.

When we say ‘there are very less people who don’t know about AIB’ we need you to understand it to be a fact. AIB has been doing some crazy stuff on the internet over a couple of years now. But recently they came back hilariously strong with two new videos about ‘Honest Indians Weddings’.

But in their new video, they revisited #AskAIB, which is no less than awesome. #AskAIB is a platform that allows people on Social Media to ask question from AIB team on a particular topic. This time it was cricket.

They once showed utter brilliance in the screen play of the short video. They included skits in between the video so well, it puts most senior editors to shame. Most Surprisingly  AIB didn’t use any foul language in the video (Really!!! I swear!!).

So hurry up, before anyone gets offended by this video too.