Amitabh Bachchan disapproves blind Fandom

Amitabh BachchanMumbai: He is the Bollywood’s megastar. He is has got over 14.8 million followers on twitter. He specifically makes time on Sundays to greet his ans in front of his house on every Sunday. Yes he is Mr. Amitabh Bachchan

In a recent personal blog entry, the 72 year old megastar wrote that he disapproves of fans who try to seek blessings from any celebrity or ask them to name their children.

“Many seek blessings from celebrities, names for their children and on. This is disapproved. I am not worthy of blessings nor intelligent enough to give a name.

Please do not put me through that ordeal! It would be horrible for a child to live through his entire life saddled with a name that was not his parents’ calling,” he wrote.

While explaining the issue, he recited a small incident in his past: “A little fellow once came to me on a crowded occasion, and asked for my autograph, looking completely puzzled and hassled. He was having problems pronouncing ‘autograph’… photograph, auto car, and some other contortions were with effort struggling to form out of his chubby face. He was precocious and honest. When I asked him his name, he promptly told me that. When I asked him what my name was he said: ‘I don’t know your name. My Father asked me to come to you, so I have come’!!. hahahaha.. cute,” added the megastar.