Asura Movie Review: An honest gripping thriller

Asura Movie Review: The Tollywood’s upcoming hero Nara Rohit is back with another entertainer. The actor is well known in the industry for his daring experiments in the past. He is probably one  of the only few actors in Tollywood who give preference to deferential scripts.

He is now hitting the screens with his latest flick ‘Asura’. The film was written and directed by newbie Krishna Vijay and produced by Shyam Devabhaktuni.

Asura Movie Review: An honest gripping thriller
Asura Movie Review: An honest gripping thriller

His past films might not have done well, but Nara Rohit was well known among his fans ( particularly ladies) for his performances in Rowdy Fellow and Solo. He plays conflictious role of Jailer Dharma. The director took good care in projecting his lead role with justly done negative shades.

Priya Banerjee shared screen with Rohit as his love interest, this probably is the best pairing for Rohit among all his films. The chemistry between them is very screen scintillating.

The script was well written and the supporting cast (Madhu Singampalli, Satyadev, Bhanu, Ravi Varma and Rupa Devi) were well induced into the storyline. Ravi Varma done justice to his role as the antagonist. He even dominated Rohit in certain instances of the film.

Lead’s mannerisms and dialogue delivery were the entertainment quotients for the flick. Film replicates the honest writing with marvelously screen-played interval and climax bangs.

Overall, the film lives up to the expectations. At times, the story line a bit dragged in the middle but director manages to pull it off with some intelligent taking. The audience are going gaga over interval and climax bangs.Krishna Vijay made it clear that he is into the industry to stay. His well versed script is yielding the results. The movie is getting brilliant responses from audiences and critics alike. Its movie like this, that bring back the hope that Tollywood is not dumbing down with routine mindless comedies.

Mango review: 3.25/5