Censor Board withdraws list of cuss words

Mumbai: The Central Board of Film Certification (CBFC) will withdraw the list of cuss words that was circulated, according to reports. On Friday, the Board held a meeting in Mumbai and the issue of cuss words was discussed in it. Majority of the Board members felt such words should be looked in the context of the film, rather than banning them. Nearly 12 out 15 members in the meeting stood against the list.

Censor Board
Censor Board withdraws list of cuss words

The issue of banning abusive words in films was discussed at a meeting and many members voted against it and then the decision was taken, according to a Board member. The member also added that the Board has discussed a ‘tatkal’ scheme under which the makers, who want their film certified at a faster pace can apply for the same by paying a certain amount.

Earlier, a list of ‘abusive’ words was circulated by the Chairperson Nihalani in the film industry to ban them. However, giving a relief to the industry, now the Board had decided to withdraw the list.


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