International Scientists demand Christopher Nolan’s ‘Interstellar’ in School courses

International Scientists demand ‘Interstellar’ in School courses: Its been almost an Year since interstellar hit the screens. The science in the film is so good and accurate that the film is still  creating waves in the international scientific community.

Recently a science journal urged the schools to show Interstellar in the school science lessons. The journal opines that students can get a new and detailed insight into the black holes as a result of accurate visual depictions in the movie. Experts have also confirmed that the portrayal of “wormholes” the movie is scientifically sound.

International Scientists demand Christopher Nolan's  'Interstellar' in School courses
International Scientists demand Christopher Nolan’s ‘Interstellar’ in School courses

Recently many scientific papers have been published in the American Journal of Physics and in Classical and Quantum Gravity. One among such papers was Dr David Jackson’s. He printed one of the papers in this month’s AJP and said that “publishing this paper was a no brainer”.

He added: “The physics has been very carefully reviewed by experts and found to be accurate. The publication will encourage physics teachers to show the film in their classes to get across ideas about general relativity.”

The Film director of Interstellar also responded on the paper and said that the journal publications were very important to him.”Right from the beginning we all really believed it’s time to inspire another generation to really look outwards and to look to the stars again.We hoped that by dramatizing science and making it something that could be entertaining for kids we might inspire some of the astronauts of tomorrow that would be the ultimate goal of the project,” he said.