RGV’s “Killing Veerappan” Trailer Is Out

Hyderabad: The official trailer of the upcoming movie “Killing Veerappan”, directed by Ram Gopal Varma is out. The trailer gives a glimpse of the movie, which revolves around the smuggler Veerappan. Actor Sandeep Bharadwaj will be seen playing the role of sandalwood smuggler Veerappan.

Killing Veerappan trailer is out !

Recently, the director released the first look posters of the actor. The posters received good appreciation and credits from the audience as they featured different moods of the Veerappan. The looks of the Sandeep Bharadwaj in the movie are exactly like the original Veerappan. The story revolves around the Veerappan and his activities. RGV nailed the character of the Veerappan and after the release of the trailer, it seems RGV directed the film with extra care and energy.

Watch the trailer here: