See Pictures: New York Fashion Week Blaze Va**na Mohawks

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New York Fashion Week Blaze Va**na Mohawks

The New York Fashion Week has always been quirky for their runway shows. This season of the NYFW was no exception and presented a bold and unexpected show with Vulva Mohawks.

Kaimin, a South Korean designer decided to have a mixture of bold attires to pass the message of tolerance. Her collection was based on the theme of Merkins. For most of you who are unaware, a Merkin is a wig for the vulva. This 2018 Spring/Summer collection was titled Oriental Garden.

The overall message of the show was diversity and tolerance. A press release on the show said, “All differences, even if not fully understood or agreed with, should find tolerance; all creatures deserve room under the sun.”

The release further added, “Kaimin chose to represent diversity, uniqueness and acceptance of individuality with the life giving human (vulva) which was alluded to in the artistic videos projected during the show and was emphasized by the Mohawk on the runway.”

The collection might just be a group of models dressed in tulle bodysuits with wigs on their hoohaas. But the designer attempted to spread a bigger message of tolerance. In a world where the unique are scrutinized, we need more tolerance to survive.

Here are a few images from the show: