Urfi Javed Reacts To BJP Leader’s Police Complaint Against Her

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Television celebrity and Bigg Boss fame Urfi Javed once again caught media attention.  This time, the TV actress made headlines for her sarcastic reply to Ms. Chitra Wagh, a Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) leader from Maharashtra.

Recently, Ms. Chitra Wagh filed a police complaint against Urfi Javed, for her dressing and nudity in public.  The case was registered with the Mumbai Police, demanding the arrest of Urfi Javed.

In a tweet, Ms. Chitra Wagh said, “शी…ऽऽऽऽ

अरे..हे काय चाललयं मुंबईत

रस्त्यांवर सार्वजनिक ठीकाणी उत्तानपणे नंगटपणा करणारी ही बाई हिला रोखायला @MumbaiPolice कडे 

IPC/CRPC आहेत की नाही 

तात्काळ बेड्या ठोका हीला

एकीकडे निष्पाप महिला/मुली विकृतांच्या शिकार होताहेत तर ही बया अजून विकृती पसरवतीये 


(What’s happening in Mumbai?  Does the Mumbai Police have any IPC/CRPC sections to stop this woman who is openly indulging in nudity on the streets of Mumbai?  Arrest her as soon as possible.  On one hand, innocent girls/women are falling prey to perverts, and on the other hand, this woman is only spreading more perversion.)

Reacting to the tweets and the police complaint, Urfi posted a reply on her Instagram account.  She shared a story which read, “She (Chitra Wagh) is the same lady who was shouting for SANJAY RATHOD’S arrest when she was in NCP, then her husband was caught taking a bribe.  To save her husband, she joined BJP and uske baad Sanjay or Chitra kaafi acche dost ban gaye.  Mai bhi bas BJP join karne wali hun. Then we will be best of friends.”

In another story, Urfi mentioned how taking a dig against BJP politicians could be dangerous and life threatening, despite she decided to make a remark.  The story read, “I know it’s quite dangerous uploading stuff against politicians but then these people are making me suicidal anyway so either I kill myself or say my mind and get killed by them 🙂 But again hi I didn’t start this, I never did anything wrong to anyone.  They are coming at me for no fu**ing reason.”

Urfi Javed who rose to fame after Bigg Boss OTT, is in news for her bizarre dressings and fashion sense.  Her fashion videos not only get the attention of netizens, but many celebrities also named her the sensation fashion queen for her bizarre fashion ideas.  Currently, the TV actress is seen in a reality show, Splitsvilla 14.

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