28 Dead, 300 Injured In Two Train Derailments In Madhya Pradesh

Bhopal: Over 28 people dead and 300 were injured after two trains derailed on tracks at Machak river at Madhya Pradesh. Tuesday night around 11:30 pm when the passengers of the Mumbai-Varanasi Kamayani Express had finished dinner and all they fell asleep, suddenly they felt a jolt and in few minutes the passengers started screaming out of despoliation.

28 Dead, 300 Injured In Train Derailment In Madhya Pradesh

The government announced an ex- gratia of Rs 2 Lakh  for the kin of dead.

Railway Chairman AK Mittal said,” the flash flood caved the tracks as the soil shifted. Even 10 minutes before the accident, the tracks were intact and many trains had passed safely. The surge of water had weakened the culvert, which collapsed. It flood had weakened the culvert, which collapsed.”

After Kamayani Express train derailed, another train from the opposite side collided. Four coaches and the engine of Jabalpur-Mumbai Janta Expressed rushed from the opposite side.
The rescue operations team was delayed as the roads were damaged by rain and the team had to walk in the dark to reach the accident site.

Monsoon rains have hit large swathes of the country in recent weeks, flooding rivers and roads and claiming some 180 lives in five states.