4 Indians kidnapped in Libya by ISIS

Tripoli: Atleast four Indians have been abducted on Friday by the militants. The incident occurred in Sirte, Tripoli in Libya. All the four Indians were employed as teachers in Libya. The militants of ISIS are suspected behind the kidnaps. An official statement is awaited soon.

4 Indians kidnapped in Libya by ISIS

According to reports, the ministry of external affairs is trying to ascertain information of the abduction. MEA is monitoring the situation. The incident came to light days after reports emerged that ISIS terror group was planning attacks in India.

According to an internal recruitment document of the group, the ISIS is planning an attack against India. The report also said that the document warns that the preparations for an attack in India are underway and predicts that an attack will provoke an apocalyptic confrontation with America. It also added that the US tries to attack with all its allies, which undoubtedly it will, the ummah (Muslims) will be united, resulting in the final battle.


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