Hyderabad Police On High Alert

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The Hyderabad Police are on high alert after the recent Sri Lanka terror attack, which killed more than 200 people and left approximately 500 injured.

The Hyderabad Police ordered all the units and forces of the police force in Telangana to be on high alert, especially at religious places, such as churches, temples and masjids.

After the New Zealand terror attack at two prominent mosques and the Sri Lanka terror attack at multiple churches, there is a threat of increasing terrorism in India as well.

A City Police official, Mr. Anjani Kumar also asked the Law and Justice Department to increase security at places of worship, especially during the sleeping hours, as a part of security measures.

The police tightened the security as recently as the 20th of April. The National Investigation Agency (NIA) also conducted raids based on information about Islamic State activists hiding in Hyderabad.

The NIA officials arrested 4 suspects related to the Abu Dhabi terror case of 2016 and interrogated them.

To ensure the safety of the citizens of Hyderabad, the Police are checking all vehicles around religious places. They also deployed an extra number of security officials at railway stations and airports in Hyderabad.

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