IndiGo Offloads A Passenger On Grounds Of Security Violation

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An IndiGo aircraft offloaded a passenger on the grounds of security violation on Monday. The passenger was taken to the Mumbai Airport Police Station by the airport staff.

The incident happened when a passenger of the Mumbai to Kolkata IndiGo flight invaded the cockpit area of the flight. He entered disorderly in order to charge his phone.

According to sources, the passenger was drunk and was immediately deboarded from the flight. The flight was about to take off when the incident took place.

A case was filed against the passenger at the police station. The airline’s spokesperson stated, “Following standard operating procedures the captain operating 6E-395 flight from Mumbai to Kolkata had initiated the offloading of the passenger on grounds of a security violation.”

A police official said, “He was drunk and wanted to charge his mobile phone. So he moved towards the cockpit. Police did not find any offence against him to charge a case.”

According to the rules, no passengers are allowed to enter the prohibited area of a flight. However, the passenger was let off after the interrogation and no case was filed against him.


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