Man falls into an Open Drain and Dies

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On Friday morning, locals at Kukatpally’s Prashant Nagar area were astonished to find a body of a man in an open drain in the area.

Sub Inspector Majid Ali at the Kukatpally Police Station said, “The incident seems to have happened at around 8 A.M., in the morning when the man drank at a nearby wine shop and collapsed into the nala. As per preliminary information, the man was intoxicated and may not have realized where he was going.”

The residents identified the man as Kuramaiah and began to protest the dangers of the open drain.

The residents spoke to Telugu TV channels and said the drain needed to be sealed with a slab as this was a frequent occurrence.

The police were stopped by the locals when they tried to take the body. The locals demanded to speak to the Greater Hyderabad Municipal Corporation (GHMC.)

Majid added, “There was a little tension, but the locals spoke to out officers, and we convinced them to shift the body to the mortuary and assured them that their demands would be discussed.”

The victim, Kurmaiah’s wife spoke to TV9 and said, “He was working well, and now this has happened to him. What will my children and I do? Where will we go? That’s all I want to know.”

The media has also reported that this is the fifth death in the past year in the area.

A similar case came to light in February, when Zaki Abbas a two year old boy fell into an open drain and died in Yakatpura, Hyderabad.

The State Human Rights Commission (SHRC) has issued a notice to the GHMC to close the drain.