Movie Ticket Price To Be Reduced

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The movie tickets which are booked online have the possibility to get cheaper by Rs. 20 if the initiative by the Tamil Film Producers Council’s (TFPC) is implemented successfully and efficiently.

A news channel reported that the TFPC is planning to start their own service to manage the online booking of movie tickets. So, the convenience fee for booking online tickets may come down to Rs. 10 from Rs. 30.

TFPC President, Vishal said reducing prices will help to get more audience to the theaters. This decision is taken by taking into consideration the Goods and Services Tax (GST) which has been implemented from July 1.

However, theater owners are not sure if the plan is feasible to reduce the cost. Tamil Nadu Cinema Theatre Owners Federation President, Abirami Ramanathan told a popular news channel that it is not practical to reduce the price by Rs. 10 as the online transaction charge is Rs. 10 and it will cost around Rs. 15 to set up the equipment in different theaters.

Kollywood actor, Vishal claimed that there is no transparency regarding the percentage of occupancy at single screen theaters in the present scenario. Moreover, the producers do not know the actual footfall in theaters across the State. Abirami
Ramanathan, addressing Vishal’s statement said there is 100 percent transparency in the State and the footfall numbers are never fudged.

Despite the strike carried out by the theater association last week, GST is charged over and above the original price of the ticket.


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