Rajasthan – PM Modi’s Speech After IAF Strike

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Prime Minister Narendra Modi, on the 26th of February, addressed a public rally in Churu, Rajasthan.

The rally started hours after the Indian Government confirmed, airstrikes targeting the terrorist group, Jaish e Mohammad (JeM,) were conducted across the Line of Control (LoC) in Jammu and Kashmir. The Indian Air Force (IAF) conducted the air strike in the wake of the Pulwama terror attack, which happened on the 14th of February.

Mr. Modi started the event around 2:00 P.M., with a statement, “I assure you, the Country is in safe hands.”

PM Modi arrived late at the event as he was at a Cabinet Committee on Security (CCS) meeting, which was held to briefly discuss about the IAF strike.

During the public rally, Mr. Modi said, “I pledge on this soil, I will not let the Country die, I will not let the Country stop, I will not let the Country bend. It is my promise to Mother India, I will not let your head be bowed. I salute our armed forces, I salute all fellow Indians, your Pradhan Sevak bows to you.”

PM Modi appealed to the people of Rajasthan to vote for the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) and make the Indian Government strong so that it can take bold decisions and stand for the Nation.

Referring to the IAF Strike, Modi said, “Your vote made a strong government in 2014. The entire world is today witnessing its power…Your one vote will give reply to those thinking of a weak government at the Centre and elect a stronger BJP government again.”

The IAF strike, which was ordered by the PM Modi led Central Government, killed approximately 300 JeM terrorists near the Balakot JeM training camp.

Politicians and leaders such as Rahul Gandhi and Mamata Banerjee, Kamal Haasan and the National Security Council of Afghanistan praised the IAF pilots for their bravery.

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