Rs.659.2 crores worth cash goods seized during polls in Telangana: ECI

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Hyderabad: Election commission of India (ECI) announced that they seized Rs. 1760 crores worth cash and goods in five states where assembly elections are in process. Telangana stood first in the list with Rs. 659.2 crores seized by the police followed by Rajasthan with Rs.650.7 crores.

The ECI said that they have seized Rs. 372.9 crores worth cash so far out of which Rs. 225.3 crores (around 60 percent) is seized in Telangana state alone. The ECI said that Telangana also stood top in terms of liquor, precious metals (gold, silver) and others seized by the police. 

The ECI said that only Rs. 239.15 crores worth cash and other goods were seized at Telangana in 2018 elections and the cash and goods seized during 2023 elections is very much high. The ECI said that they have deployed 228 officials to monitor the election expenditure and identified 194 problematic assembly constituencies with candidates spending huge money.


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