Six wounded in car bomb blast in Egypt

Cairo: Atleast six policemen were injured in an explosion of a car bomb in the early hours of Thursday at a state security building in northern Cairo of Egypt, according to reports. So far, no deaths have been registered due to the blast. The explosion took place at around 02:00 local time (00:00 GMT).

Six wounded in car bomb blast in Egypt

According to reports, the incident occurred when an unknown person parked his car in front of the state security building and then he jumped off the vehicle. Reports also added that the man managed to escape the scene on a motorbike. The huge blast injured six policemen and also destroyed the building partially. The blast created panic among the people as there have been many attacks of bombs in the city this year by militants.

Though, the militants in northern Sinai have been behind the attacks in the city, no one claimed the responsibility for the Thursday’s car bomb blast. The police investigation is in progress and further details of the bomb blast ares still awaited.


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