Microsoft Announces No Salary Hike And Bonuses For Employees

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Giant Tech company Microsoft decided to not hike salaries of employees in 2023.  Inside sources revealed that the decision was taken amid economic conditions of the company.

Mr. Satya Nadella, the Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of Microsoft, sent an email to all the employees and said, “While we will have salary increases for certain hourly or equivalent roles, we will not have salary increases for full-time employees this year.”  He further said, “As a senior leadership team, we don’t take this decision lightly having considered it over several months, and believe it is necessary to prepare the company for long term success.”

Isabela Moreira, senior software engineer at Microsoft, took to social media to voice her disappointment after the company announced it would not raise pay for full-time employees, citing tough economic conditions.

The no salary hike has disappointed many employees at Microsoft, who were waiting for their annual salary hike.  Isabela Moreira said, “Welp, Microsoft isn’t doing salary increases for non-hourly workers.  Time to start acting my wage and saying ‘no thanks’ to extra projects.”

After a mass layoff at Microsoft, the no salary hike is a major disappointment for all the employees, working at the tech giant company.

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