27 killed, 227 wounded in Kuwait’s suicide bomb blast

As many as 27 people were killed and 227 others were also injured in a suicide bomb blast at Shi’te mosque in Kuwait on Friday. The attack took place during the Friday prayers when the mosque was packed with nearly 2000 people. The Islamic state militant group claimed the responsibility for the deadly attack.

Suicide bomber kills 27 in Kuwait

It is learnt that when worshippers were kneeling in prayer, the bomber entered the mosque and detonated his explosives. The blast destroyed the ceiling and the walls. An eye witness said that the suicide bomber was young and he looked in his 20s. The witness added that the explosion was hard and the bomber targeted the worshippers at the back of the mosque.

The attack is the first suicide bombing at Shi’ite mosque in Kuwait and also the worst one for many years in the country. The wounded were immediately admitted to a hospital. After the blast, heavy security has been deployed. Kuwait declared Saturday a day of mourning.

Bomb blast in Shi’te mosque in Kuwait, 27 killed and 227 injured

The IS named the attacker as Abu Suleiman al-Muwahed and a statement said that he had targeted a temple of the rejectionists- a term it generally uses to refer to Shi’ites, whom it regards as heretics.

Apart from this attack, nearly 37 people were killed at a beach resort in Tunisia on Friday and also a decapitated body covered in Arabic writing was also found when an attacker rammed his car into a gas factory on Friday.