Roof-Top football ground in Hyderabad

In the recent days, regard less of age the football fans are visiting Begumpet’s ‘The white house’ which is a 10 storied building with two plush green and scenic football pitches. They pay a welcome to the new terrace sport (football) the first ever HotFut in the city.
The scarcity for the play grounds are making the children get attracted to the gadgets, this acts like a solution to the sports man spirit to continue his game on the terrace at the early sun rise or at the sunset. “We are still technically only half open. We opened our pitches to the public on June 1, but we still have a little work to be done,” Danesh Mistry, the man who manages the venue with his brother Youhan Mistry and Ranjan Matthew.
Hotfut was initially started in Pune by Nikhil Dubois and Pavit Singh, who realized that the space for play was vanishing and started this kind of football ground instead of quitting the game.
Danesh says – “We are quite happy with the response. A lot of people come in to play and we are soon planning to open a Nike store so people can buy proper shoes and play the game with the right gear”
This exciting place opens at 6am in the morning and will stay open till midnight, for the sports man inviting them to play after their works.