30 killed in military plane crash in Indonesia

Jakarta: Atleast 30 people were killed in a military plane crash in Indonesia on Tuesday. The plane crashed into a hotel and residential area in the northern Sumatra city of Medan. The death toll is expected to climb high.

Indonesia plane crash
30 killed in military plane crash in Indonesia Image : AP

The military plane C-130 Hercules was built in 1964 and crashed with 12 personnel, including pilot, when it was on its way from an air force base in Medan to the Natuna islands. Five bodies have been found. The accident occurred a few minutes after the take-off. It is learnt the incident occurred due to technical glitches. However, an official confirmation is still awaited. The investigation is underway.

According to eye witnesses, the plane was flying really low twice before it crashed into the roof of the hotel and then exploded. It is learnt that the plane also hit a massage parlour. Nearly 11 bodies have been recovered so far.

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