Bangladesh Prime Minister Lends a Hand to Rohingya Refugees

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On Tuesday, the Bangladeshi Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina visited the refugee camp with hundreds of thousands of Rohingya who were forced out of their centuries old land in Myanmar.

The Prime Minister was disappointed and said this crisis left her speechless. She has demanded Myanmar to take back their nationals and also assured the refugees’ temporary aid until that happened.

Since the 25th August, nearly 313,000 Rohingya Muslims have fled to Bangladesh. This started after the Myanmar government made attempts to remove the Rohingya militants and instead burnt down civilian villages making thousands of innocent people running for their lives.

The crisis has moved around the world and everyone is condemning Myanmar’s actions. Germany decided to halt different aid projects with Myanmar in a sign of protest. Iran’s Supreme Leader described the mass killing of Muslims as a political disaster for Myanmar.

Bangladesh has planned to clear 2,000 acres of land to set up a new camp in Cox’s Bazar district for the Rohingya Muslims. The government is also fingerprinting and registering the new arrivals.

The huge number of people struggling their way to Bangladesh reach the border hungry and traumatized. The people have no resources but the Bangladesh government is taking steps to provide food and clean water to the refugees.

The people have sad stories to tell of Myanmar soldiers indiscriminately firing at their villages. Some have said that the soldiers threatened them to either leave or die.

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