Google’s Top 5 Trending Travel Destinations in the World

Google released the five most searched cities in the world that people around the globe are vying to go to. And no, the travel tales do not speak of the clichéd Paris or the Swiss Alps but culturally aesthetic places. So let’s have a look at the trending destinations that create wanderlust for many of us and why!

  • Number 5 – Tokyo, Japan
    With its cherry blossom season in March, fresh food, vibrant culture, shopping malls, temples and many other attractions. Tokyo takes the number 5 slot.

Tokyo Japan Travel Destination

  • Number 4 – Mexico City, Mexico
    Inexpensive, culturally diverse and a cuisine to die for– Mexico has it all for someone who wants to get their money’s worth on a vacation.

Mexico City Travel Destination

  • Number 3 – Toronto, Canada
    The perfect scenic landscape layout, Toronto with its national parks, nature trails and affinity to sports comes in at number 3.

Toronto Canada Travel Destination

  • Number 2 – Havana, Cuba
    Filling up Instagram with more and more of its colourful lanes, vintage cars and happy-go-lucky scenes, Havana takes the number 2 spot.

Havaan Cuba Travel Destination

  • Number 1 – Reykjavik, Iceland
    Reykjavik is the largest city in Iceland and is known for being the gateway to the Northern Lights and for the volcanically heated pools which are dotted around the town and Kimye’s jaunt there during the summer didn’t hurt tourism in the slightest. So this place takes the cake for being the most searched travel destination in the whole world.

Reykjavik Iceland Travel Destination

Well, if not actually going there,  we can still do a bit of window wanderlust right here through Google and hope that the vacation with our favourite travel destination comes up soon.