Here comes Simple modern day Stress reduction technique

Simple modern day Stress reduction technique: Stress is the modern day’s plague. We are living in the 21st century, and it is no secret that stress brings all manner of life threatening maladies in its wake.

However, what most people don’t realize is that there are all manner of weird and wonderful techniques have been developed over the years for dealing with this unseen killer.

Sometimes these remedies are utmost ridiculous. These remedies range from buying yourself a pet cat or dog to chewing gum.

Joining the list, Dr. Mark Sandomirsky recently gave some interesting advice on how to reduce stress levels to his viewers over a Russian TV show.

Here comes Simple modern day Stress reduction technique
Here comes Simple modern day Stress reduction technique

It sounds obvious and maybe even a little patronising to instruct people to let go of negative emotions as if we didn’t already know we needed to do that.

According to him, using physical bodily effects to control the stress sufferings after dealing with the emotional side of things is the best possible process.  Dr.Sandomirsky, suggests us to massage a particular stress point found on the body, specifically the ear, thus activating a sort of pyscho-reflexive loop that will do away with the ill effects of stress.

Surplisingly the proposal of stress reduction from the doctor is nothing new. The Chinese  refer the technique asS hen Men, which literally means “Gate of Heaven” which they implementing since the ancient days.