Hyderabad Heart was Transplanted to Pakistan

A heart of a brain dead patient was transplanted for a Pakistan teenager at Hyderabad, Frontier Lifeline hospital on Tuesday.

According to the chairman and CEO Mr. K.M. Cherian said that the teenager was admitted a month ago. He also said that the boy “ had dilated cardiomyopathy, a condition in which the heart muscles balloon out and become enlarged and so cannot pump efficiently.”

Hyderabad Heart transplanted to Pakistan
Hyderabad Heart transplanted to Pakistan

Wednesday early in the morning, when the hospital was alarmed that the heart was available in Hyderabad from a patient declared brain dead at the hospital there. A specialized doctors team from the Frontier Lifeline rushed out to receive it 5.30a.m. The heart donor Vaidhnav, 12, was injured in the massive road accident along with his family members near Ramoji Film City. Vaishnav’s kidneys and liver were also harvested and sent to various hospitals for transplant surgeries.

The specialized doctors team worked like rapidly force and saved the teenage boy.

The recipient family lives in Dubai but is originally from Punjab in Pakistan. As of 9 p.m., the surgery was ongoing and the patient was responding well, a doctor said.