Indonesia plane crash: Death toll climbs to 142

Jakarta: The death toll climbed to 142 in the plane crash on Tuesday in Indonesia. The military plane carrying 122 people crashed into a residential area, only a few minutes after the take-off. So far, 142 bodies have been recovered and sent to a hospital in Sumatra city of Medan. The toll is expected to reach high and the officials believe that there were no survivors in the accident. So far, only 42 bodies have been identified.

Indonesia plane crash
Death toll reaches 142 in Indonesian plane crash

The President of Indonesia called for an evaluation of the air force fleet. He tweeted, “The evacuation of victims from the Hercules plane must be prioritised. Then there must be an evaluation of the age of planes and defence systems.”

The plane was seen flying really low and smashed into the hotel and the residential area. It then exploded killing 142 people, according to eye witnesses. The accident occurred when the plane was on its way to Tanjung Pinang in Riau Islands off Sumatra from an air force base in Medan. According to media reports, the pilot had asked to return to the base due to few technical issues.