Pope taking English classes

According to the reports, Pope Francis is currently a sincere student of English now a days, as he is ‘preparing’ himself for his US visit. The Vatican secretariat of its third in command, Monsignor Angelo Becciu said that pope spent the summer “diligently” studying English ahead of his five-day visit to the US.

“He spent the summer preparing for this trip and was constant and diligent in taking English lessons,” Becciu said on Friday.

Pope taking English classes
Pope taking English classes

“I think he will do well, because he has already prepared scrupulously where he has to speak and read.

“He is a good student who is at pains to do things well. He went through each of his addresses several times, preparing, correcting and discussing them,” said Becciu.

“He wants to get across the Evangelical message in the best way possible.”

US President Barack Obama and First Lady Michelle Obama will greet Francis when he arrives in Washington on September 22 at Andrews air force base.

The pope’s US visit will also include stops in New York and Philadelphia, where all 10,000 tickets to an open air mass are already taken. Francis will address the UN in New York on September 25.