One-Inch Worm makes home in a boy’s eye socket

Have you seen anything gross recently? You are in gross luck. It doesn’t get gross-ier than this when a worm decides to make home in your eye socket.

The following video is now making rounds of the Internet. The video depicts a sensual surgery during which the doctors remove the worm from the boy’s eyes.

Worm makes home in a boy's eye socket
Doctors trying to pull out the worm using Basil leaves. Inset( The pulled out Worm)

Going into the details, A 17-year-old boy in Peru approached the doctors to get treatment for his swollen eye. He explained the doctors about how his eye remained for the past month.

So the doctors ordered an MRI scan to get the clear picture of the root of the problem.  what they found after the scan was shocker to them as well as the boy. They found a one inch residing in the boy’s socket.

Ophthalmologist Caroline Marchena said the worm posed a serious risk to the boy’s health because of swelling near a sensitive part of the face from which infections can spread to the brain. So the doctors lured the worm out with the basil leaves.Once the worm had poked its head out in search of the basil, doctors used tweezers to pull it out completely.

Watch the video here: