Afraid Of Bajrang Dal, Young Couple Attempts Suicide

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A young couple, both 22 years old, on the 15th of February, allegedly tried to commit suicide in Hyderabad.

The couple went out on Valentine’s Day, on the 14th of February, when activists belonging to the Bajrang Dal, allegedly recorded their video and posted it on all the social media platforms. The incident happened near Komati Cheruvu, Hyderabad.

The couple were residents of Siddipet area, in Hyderabad.

According to the Lake Police, the couple visited the LUV Hyderabad installation near Hussain Sagar around 9:30 A.M., on the 15th of February, and allegedly tried to jump into the lake. However, the patrolling staff saw them and saved their lives.

A police officer said, “They were brought (to) the Lake Police Station and when enquired, they revealed that on Thursday, they had gone near Komati Cheruvu. A group claiming to be Bajrang Dal activists came to them and captured their videos. They further posted them on social media which went viral.” He further said, “They were not daring enough to face their families and hence were depressed. Moreover their video being captured and going viral added to their problems.”

The couple were handed over to the Siddipet Police for counselling.

Recently, another couple from Hyderabad were forcefully married as they were caught by the Monkey Gang. The Gang also posted a video on all the social media platforms, which showed the couple getting married. Moreover, the Bajrang Dal congratulated the couple upon their marriage.

The activist dal members, who are said to be against Valentine’s Day and pubbing, target young couples and harass them in the name of Hindutva.


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