PM Modi rally at Fatehpur a huge hit with the crowd

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Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s rally at Fatehpur was filled with young men who were enthusiastic. While some were clicking selfies others were flaunting their long hair, Dundee, and aviators. As the dust settled the crowd chanted his name, ‘Modi Modi’, and waited for the helicopter that the PM was landing in.

PM Modi speaking at the Fatehpur rally.

The PM spoke at the rally for almost an hour and said that before landing he saw Chief Minister Akhilesh Yadav speaking to the media after voting. The PM taunting the UP CM said, “He started by saying he would win this election, needed no partner. Then, when it became clear that both his party and his to be allys were sinking, he decided to tie up and said the partnership would win. Today, I heard him say he will be the single largest party. Kya Hua, bhaiya?” He also added that “We are only on Round 3 of polls. Already you are sounding like the game is up.”

The PM completely ignored Rahul Gandhi, who acted as the CM’s wingman and ignored him and the complete Congress party in his speech about politics. But referring to the popular image on social media wherein Rahul Gandhi was seen ducking the electric wires and the CM Akhilesh Yadav sitting confidently, the PM said, “ Anyone in their usual mind would automatically duck, as for Akhilesh Yadav, he didn’t need to – he knew the line is dead because there is no electricity anywhere.” This was a crowd pleaser as there was a huge round of chanting during this reference.

The viral picture on Social Media where Rahul Gandhi is seen ducking while Akhilesh Yadav sits confidently.

The PM also sought blessings from the crowd and ensured that free gas cylinders will be provided to the poor in the state and also he highlighted their achievement in getting the rich to surrender gas subsidies. The PM hit the right chord when he promised employment to the youth, the absence of caste priority in his regime and also about electricity or the lack of it in the state. He said, “If villages create graveyards, there must be crematoriums too. If there is bijli (electricity) for Ramzan, it must be there for Diwali. There must be bijli on both Holi and Eid.”

Part of the crowd present at the rally.

The PM also spoke about the increasing black market medicines, asked the crowd, “The people who were selling them on the black market, won’t they come after me? Won’t they punish me? Who will protect me?” In a response to this, the crowd responded unanimously “We Will, We Will.”
The PM also spoke about the current situation of the state and nowhere mentioned the alliance rumors with Mayawati or the need of it. The rally, in short, was a huge hit with the crowd and the enthusiasm was quite visible on the faces and the slogans that the crowd chanted.


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