Home for Chandrababu Naidu, school-less for many kids

Road number 22 of Jubilee hills, Hyderabad which is a wittiness the resident of many politicians, film star’s and many more business men, but does not have a space for small government school for kids.
The Alpha government school was demolished as it might cause an inconvenience to the Andhra Chief Minister, as he is shifting his house to just 20 yards near the school and children running around the streets would be an inconvenience.”
Chandrababu Naidu
“I started the school in 2000, complete area was a slum Most of parents of the children are the daily wage labour or the house helpers” as so they cannot accompany their children to any other government school which is far. Since I did not want them to go uneducated, I set this up and started teaching them here so they could walk to and from school,” says Shobha who mange’s the school.
The government has asked them to pen down their needs in a letter it will be fulfilled. But teachers of the school say that the rest of the government schools are very far from here and all the children cannot go far. The construction of a new school will take minimum of 6 months’ time and lead towards child labour.