Will Charminar be demolished?

The heart of Hyderabad, Charminar will be demolished if the monument turns weak posing a threat to the lives of people, says Telangana Deputy Minister Mohmood Ali.

The minister said on Saturday that, spending 100 crore rupees on the maintenance of the ancient structure or turning them into a museum will be pointless.
While the media asked him about turning the structure into museum, Ali questioned backed the media that, “Where are we going to build a dawakhana (Hospital)? Do we want a museum or medical treatment?”
Mohmood Ali stated that, the poor cannot bear the bills up to 20 lakhs in the corporate hospital. “We will not turn that dawakhana into a one-floor building but a 10-15 floor hospital that will be one of the few of its kind in India and the number of patients that seek medical help from the facility will be 10 times the number of people that come to the hospital currently. We will turn it into a high-level dawakhana and it will be named Osmania,” Ali told the media.

He further said, “If we change its name, then people will definitely raise objection. But we are not changing its name”.

Ali said that people were trying to turn Osmania dwakhana into a ‘political issue,’ adding that his government ‘strongly objected’ to it.